Using Naomi

With your audio hardware connected and configured and the profile appropriately populated you are ready to run. From the terminal enter the following.


If you are presented with the Naomi logo and asked how you can be helped, try asking, "Naomi, what is today's weather." or "Naomi what is the time." You should hopefully be rewarded for all the hard work you have put in so far. To exit Naomi simply use "Naomi, shutdown!"

Listing of Naomi Skills

Naomi by default comes with a number of plugin based pre-installed voice assistant type skills. If you speak "Naomi", assuming Passive Listening is false, followed by any of the keywords in bold below you should get a response. You may access the plugin specific write ups to get more detail on the workings of each by click on the activation word.

  • Email Listen to Mails from your Email account.
  • Time Tells you the current time.
  • Hacker Check out the latest headlines on Hacker News.
  • Joke" Tells you a cheezy "Knock Knock" joke.
  • Life What's the meaning of Life?
  • Music Control your MPD server and listen to music.
  • News Stay informed what's going on with the News plugin.
  • Shutdown Shutdown Naomi.
  • Stop Stops whatever Naomi is doing.
  • Weather WWIS (World Weather Information Service) local weather forcast where available.

Next Step

In many case the new user will be first interested in exploring the development of new voice assistant skills to allow Naomi to directly interact with a user. This is done through the creation of speechhandler plugins. The details of the structure and process of speechhandler plugins development may be found here. However, if you wish a very quick and simple tutorial to walk through the complete process then try here

Not only can Naomi be used to create a voice assistant but it has also been built to provide a very flexible environment open to exploration of many aspects of speech recognition and skills activation. It can be used to examine various approaches to the elements of speech processing in the areas of voice activation detection (VAD), speech-to-text (STT), text-to-intent (TTI) or text-to-speech (TTS). Like speechhandlers plugins may also be created in all these areas to test or extend Naomi's capability.

Plugins are fundamental to Naomi's use and operation, and to facilitate their creation and exchange are the Naomi Plugin Editor (NPEEd) and Naomi Plugin Exchange (NPE) are available. The NPEEd is a boiler plate editor which guides the user through the entry of plugin data. Details on its use may be found here. The NPE on the other hand is the overall environment to support plugin sharing and is covered here.