Setup and Usage

This section covers the Naomi software post installation setup, configuration and initial usage issue, as well as providing a plugin development tutorial It is intended as a how to on getting the user up and running. In addition it deals with some basic topics of operation to support productive usage of the environment.

Environmental Initialization

Once the software is installed then the Naomi system is runnable, however, to get it meaningfully operational with full access to the pre-installed speechhandler plugins, ie. Naomi's skills, requires some initialization. In addition, there is the opportunity to customize many of the operational options available.

Hardware Setup

The configuration of the audio system is usually the first, and often the most involved system to get configured to allow Naomi to begin performing. The details of setting up the audio aspects of the system are found here. It is often possible to proceed with the Profile Setup in the following and if there are problems with the audio setup you may return to the audio setup section.

Profile Setup

Naomi comes with many "skills" plugins built right in that give it the ability for example to tell time, give the weather, get the news, etc. To support these Naomi makes use of an integrate profile containing parametric values and setting used by the various plugins to configure their operation. This file is hand editable but there is an automated process that will walk the user through the entry or updating of profile settings. Typically the user will run Naomi with the --repopulate option on first activation and this will take the user through the process. Details of the process and the profile settings and options may be found here.

Naomi Runtime Options

Naomi may be run from the command line with a significant number of options to access special functionality, such as, handle plugins or control output/input, enable debugging, feature selection, etc. The more commonly used options are covers here.

Basic Usage and Simple Development

Once the hardware is connected and setup and the profile has been populated it is time to make use of Naomi and/or start developing new Naomi skills. Information along these lines can be found here for usage issues, and here for a plugin development example.