STT Configuration

STT, stands for Speech to Text, and is software that transforms spoken words & sentences into text, which is how Naomi can understand you

Engine name Privacy Respect Type Self Hosting Requests (free account) Quality Platform 👎 Online NO Unlimited Really good Any
Google Cloud STT 👎 Online NO ? Really good Any
AT&T Speech API 👎 Online NO ? ? Any
Pocketsphinx 👍 Offline YES Unlimited ? Linux 🐧
Mozilla DeepSpeech 👍 Offline YES ? ? Linux 🐧
Julius 👍 Offline YES Unlimited ? Linux 🐧
Kaldi 👍 Online YES Unlimited ? Linux 🐧

You will need to pick one of the above and then follow the instructions below that is denoted for the STT engine you select

Note: For accuracy, really good understanding and easy to use, online solutions are better! But for privacy reasons and to use Naomi without internet access, we recommend the use of offline solutions