Configuration of Naomi

The configurations contains six sections:

  • TTS - TTS, stands for Text To Speech, is software that transforms text into speech, which is how Naomi can speak to you
  • STT - STT, stands for Speech to Text, is software that transforms spoken words & sentences into text, which is how Naomi can understand you
  • STTTrainer - A plugin which helps you train a STT engine to recognize your voice better
  • TTI - TTI stands for Text to Intent. This takes the text of your request and determines which intent(s) you were trying to activate.
  • VAD - VAD, stands for Voice Activity Detection, is software that detects when you are speaking
  • NPE - NPE, stands for Naomi Plugin Exchange, easily search for and install 3rd party plugins
  • SpeechHandler - SpeechHandler plugins that come with Naomi as well as ones you can install

The individual articles hold all details needed to understand the concepts behind these building bricks for your vocal assistant.