WebRTCVAD - Voice Activity Detection

This uses the WebRTC Voice Activity Detection module developed at Google for the WebRTC project. To use this, you will need to install the webrtcvad python module which is available through PyPi

$ pip install webrtcvad

To use this engine for voice activity detection, add the following to your profile.yml:

vad_engine: webrtc_vad
  timeout: 1
  minimum_capture: 0.25
  aggressiveness: 1
  • timeout: how long it has to go without hearing anything before deciding you are finished speaking (in seconds)
  • minimum_capture: the minimum length of a piece of captured audio that will be returned for processing (in seconds)
  • aggressiveness: how aggressively to filter out non-speech. 0 is the least aggressive and 3 is the most aggressive.

The options under webrtc_vad are all optional and set to sane defaults, so all you really need is the "vad_engine: webrtc_vad" line.