Naobian - Hassle-free Naomi Setup

The Raspberry Pi and other small single-board computers are quite famous platforms for Naomi. However, setting up a fully working Linux system with all recommended packages and Naomi recommendations is a boring task taking quite some time and Linux newcomers shouldn't worry about these technical details.

A vocal assistant enthusiast doesn't have to be a Linux enthusiast!

Naobian aims to provide a self-configuring Linux system setup specific to the needs of every Naomi user. To that end, the project provides two things:

  • Complete SD-card images pre-configured with Naomi and many other Naomi- and Hardware-specific preparations for the Raspberry Pi and the Pine A64
  • The Naobian Configuration Tool to set up and configure Naomi and many related things on any Debian/Ubuntu based system

Naobian documentation is still in development and coming very soon!